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Our story

Anyone not involved in the cannabis industry would be amazed at the passion and the enthusiasm industry professionals have for "the movement".  We share that passion for fostering in a new era of cannabis; one of legality, safety, maturity, and transparency.  The need to legalize and legitimize cannabis in the eyes of the law is more important than it's ever been.  We believe it's wrong to put people in prison for using a plant.  We asked ourselves "How do we help this movement succeed? How do we help this industry mature?".

Then came our "Aha!" moment!  We realized that every mature or 'legitimate' industry has good software and good technology infrastructure behind it.  It's nearly impossible to succeed in our modern economy without the assistance of good technology!  Soon after that realization, we heard the horror stories from our industry peers about how bad the state systems were and the challenges they caused. We knew then how to do our part: build software and infrastructure that allows other cannabis professionals to do Better Cannabis Business.  That's what we do.

The Team

Jerry Tindall - CEO / President

In his former life Jerry was an IT Professional.  Starting off his career as an support technician, he worked his way up to IT management before changing into the cannabis industry.  Combining his tech skills with his degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, he has a unique perspective on what makes technology 'work' for people.

When he's not doing work stuff, Jerry trains and competes in brazillian jiu-jitsu (he's a brown belt), makes heavy rock music, skis fervently, enjoys a craft beer or cocktail, tends a garden, and even occasionally finds time to play a bit of Diablo 3. 




Dean Graziano - VP of Business Development

Dean has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial endeavors. He's started an sold numerous companies, including: Founder/CEO of Lively, LLC (acquired), and Founder / VP of Business Development at Visible Technologies Inc. (acquired), and Co-Founder at Meteor Solutions (acquired).

In 2009, Visible Technologies was voted the 2nd fastest growing Companies in Seattle/Puget Sound, listed #170 on Inc. Magazine's Fastest Private Companies, and was a Top Performer in the 2009 Forrester Wave Report. Dean led the company to over $40MM in funding which included WPP, Ignition Partners, and In-Q-Tel. Visible Technologies was acquired in 2014 by Cision. 

 Dean currently lives in Seattle with his wife Marian and their 3 kids. He sits on several Advisory Boards and is highly active in the Seattle start-up community. He is an inventor holding patents in the social media industry: Patent #7720835 and Patent #20170155725.

kev rockin

Kevin Burkett - Sr. Software Architect

Graduating college with an Electrical Engineering degree, programming was a natural progression for Kevin. Since then, he's had over 20 years of professional software development experience.  He's a back-end developer with a knack for automation, process management, technical optimization of systems, and problem solving.  Experienced in a half-dozen programming languages, database technologies, and various cloud platforms, he provides the technical foundation that allows Soro fulfill it's mission of enabling Better Cannabis Business. 

When not at work he's usually grooving on funky jams, working with dogs, or acting as a local coffee shop connoisseur.


Dave Gillett - Lead UX / UI Designer

One of Dave's original paintings - "Piano Man".

One of Dave's original paintings - "Piano Man".

Dave’s career in visual communications began in the art studio. With a background in fine arts he branched off in his studies when he discovered a passion for graphic and UX design. In the past 10 years, he has gone from Associate to Lead Designer, and now Project Manager. He's recently been working alongside Microsoft and Apple to develop websites and mobile apps that communicate a consistent, sharp & streamlined client experience.

In his off time Dave enjoys playing guitar, painting in his home studio, working out, spending time with his wife and cats and horror films. 




Glenn Berry - Lead Front-end Developer

Having worked in both small startup and large corporate environments, Glenn is a bit of a Swiss-army knife. He's built everything from giant e-commerce web platforms to interactive retail installations and kiosks. He's used creative coding frameworks to power highly interactive animations and video, all while maintaining compatibility across major devices and broswers.  He’s an experienced front-end developer who has worked with companies such as Starbucks, Intel, Microsoft, Corbis, Expedia, and Lexus.

His free time is spent forcing synthesizers to create horrible noises, animation, and building a real-time live music and video performance tool.